The Milton Hershey School Alumni Association is pleased to announce an initiative to offer Mental Health and Addiction/Substance abuse treatment resources and services to Milton Hershey School Alumni.

This initiative was born from the question asked; what services do we provide our members? This prompted a look at what doors can we open to those struggling and in need. Mental Health and Substance Abuse are but one of the many issues we can work to provide assistance with. In many cases, we (MHSAA) are that family safety net that our members fall back on in times of need. In an era where we are facing more and more challenges with mental health and substance abuse issues the timing of this was ideal.


MHSAA has partnered with Water Gap Wellness (WGW) a dually-licensed, JCAHO accredited treatment facility that has offered their services to our Association whether it be an information resource for treatment, a connector to more appropriate treatment facilities or receiving treatment at the Wellness Center. WGW also offered to "scholarship" four people in need, without insurance or resources each year. Recognizing that they will not be the fit for everyone or fulfill every need, it is a resource to put our members in touch with quality health care providers for these specific needs.

Water Gap Wellness Center looks forward to working with the Milton Hershey Alumni Association in an effort to support alumni who struggle with mental health and substance use disorder. Water Gap Wellness will support the Alumni and its family and friends in the following ways:

  • 24/7 access to our trained treatment professionals;
  • A direct line for Alumni, friends and family;
  • Case management for alumni members who are being treated at the Water Gap Wellness Center;
  • Access to our national directory of resources;
  • 1 Scholarship per quarter awarded to any Milton Hershey School Alumnus (in good standing)

Water Gap Wellness Center recognizes the unique circumstance that alumni have as a result of their enrollment in Milton Hershey School.

We are striving to give back not only to our community but also to those who may lack the support network that traditional families may have.

Jumpstarting this initiative.

In order to jumpstart this initiative, WGW has established a 7/24/365 800 # for those in crises. We are here to help, and all calls are strictly confidential. If Alumni are looking to be the recipient of a scholarship for treatment at our facility, we need only to confirm that the Alumnus is in good standing with your Association. This will be done in accordance with all applicable HIPAA requirements.

Water Gap Wellness Center looks forward to providing this service to your Association and thank you for your work in servicing those in need.


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Call us at 833.949.4673

WGW has established call number for those in crises. We are here to help, and all calls are strictly confidential.