MHSAA has implemented Spartan Social Clubs!

Spartan Social Clubs require the participation of fewer alumni and less formal organization to initiate than MHSAA chapters, and they are designed for areas where there is a lighter concentration of alumni. Alumni who attended alumni events in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Long Beach—and now New York City—committed to forming social clubs to help them stay connected with one another, MHSAA, and the school.

A club will require:

Officers: Club Coordinator, secondary coordinator.

Members: Five members are required to start a Club. Membership. Any person eligible to join the MHSAA and in good standing per the MHSAA By-Laws and interested may officially join a local Spartan Social Club, although any MHSAA member in good standing may attend meetings and events hosted by any affiliated club. A

  • There must be a Primary Coordinator
  • The secondary Coordinator will be the Alternate Coordinator.
  • Clubs will be required to have at least 2 Coordinators, but up to three.

What reporting requirements will be required:

  • An Annual report detailing the activities of the club and describing how those activities supported the mission statement of the MHSAA.

Events, meetings, and promotion of views:

  • Spartan Social Club shall meet no less than once per year.
  • Spartan Social Club shall host events as determined by its membership and at times and places they choose.

Officers: The organization shall have at least two but no more than three coordinators:

Primary Coordinator:

  • Shall be the official spokesperson for the club regarding communications and request to and from the MHSAA.
  • Shall publicly adhere to and abide by the MHSAA mission statement.
  • Shall present the MHSAA with a report at least annually detailing the activities of the Club and describing how those activities supported the mission statement of the MHSAA.

The Alternate Coordinator:

  • Shall assist the Primary Coordinator in accomplishing the club’s purpose.
  • Shall keep record of the club’s membership and communicate with the club’s membership to ensure members are informed of all scheduled events.

Criteria for holding office: All individuals holding office must be eligible for membership in the MHSAA and in good standing. Club officers will be elected by a majority vote of the members of the Spartan Social Club voting at the elections meeting.

The elections meeting shall take place prior to the MHSAA homecoming meeting each year. In the case of a resignation of an officer from office, a special elections meeting may be held to fill the office until the next elections meeting. Officers shall hold their position until the elections meeting. There are no limitations on the number of terms in office members may serve.