MHSAA has a variety of awards to honor alumni whose career, service and achievements exemplify the spirit, values and excellence taught at Milton Hershey School.

Alumni Service Award

If you would like to nominate an alumnus for the MHSAA Alumni Service Award please call the alumni office at 717-520-2045 or click the nomination form button. The deadline annually for nominations is June 1.  The Awards Committee will then review the nominations and vote on the recipient for be recognized at Homecoming.


Honorary Alumni

Nominations are being accepted for Honorary Members.

C. Honorary Members. An honorary member ("Honorary Member") shall be any person who has performed some single service for Milton Hershey School and/or the Association and who is elected as an Honorary Member in accordance with the provisions of this Article IV, Section Two, subparagraph C. Honorary Members shall have the following rights: (i) Honorary Members shall be exempt from paying any dues to the Association, (ii) one (1) Honorary Member (to be elected by the honorary chapter) is permitted to serve as a director on the board of directors of the Association as the honorary chapter representative and such Honorary Member shall be entitled to vote on all matters presented for vote by the board of directors of the Association in accordance with these By-Laws, provided, however, no Honorary Member shall be permitted to hold any elected officer position on the board of directors for the Association, and (iii) Honorary Members shall have all other rights of membership not inconsistent with the foregoing provisions. Read the By-Laws regarding Honorary Members here.