The first half of my senior year in high school was difficult to say the least. I struggled with anxiety and organizing myself as many adults began to look at me as if I had become a 'delinquent', letting them down. However, one day I received two days of in-school detention for missing a driving appointment. I was feeling horrible; none of the adults believed I was truly apologetic and took my attempts at apologizing as scheming my way out of my consequence. One teacher however was there that day at my detention who still saw me and said, "You don't deserve to be here, you're a good student". For me, going through a mentally taxing time my senior year, applying to schools, taking AP courses, balancing TL life with activities, I was drowning. That comment helped me, for even a moment, to take a breath and regain some strength to push through. So thank you Mr. Sargent for still seeing me. I hope one day, once this Pandemic is over, I get to properly thank you again in person.

Helen Ard '13

Sarge, you've taught me so much more than history in my life. You've seen me at my best and held my hand in my darkest moments. You continue to be my teacher, mentor, and friend. I love you!

Amanda DuCharme '13

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Helen Ard '13

Amanda Ducharme '13