Zapata, you weren’t just my College & Career Counselor, you were my life coach. I trust your judgement and seek out your counsel in all of my life’s decisions. Thank you for supporting me in every moment of need. I love you!

Amanda Ducharme ’13

Señor Zapata, was such an important part of our MHS Latino students during our time at Senior Hall. When he first came to the school, he taught regular Spanish classes. He had many of us in his classes & those that didn’t have him, got to know him well since he was a native of South America. He saw the need that us Latino students had and he pushed very hard to start a Spanish For Spanish Speakers class. This class focused on vocabulary, grammar, & Latino History from ALL the Americas & Spain. We had never had someone actually take the time to fight for us in that way. He allowed us to feel special & to show us that we should have pride in our roots. He also became very important in many of our lives outside of MHS & beyond. He has a heart of Gold & treats us like we ate one of his often kids. I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience this with him. Gracias Señor aka ” Viejo Querido!

Claudia “Quirama-Minota” Hofsass ’94

Nominated by:

Amanda Ducharme ’13

Claudia “Q” Hofsass ’94