MHSAA Cancer Care

MHSAA is a 501c3 recognized by the IRS.
All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

MHSAA can help eliminate some of the stress for our brothers and sisters with cancer. We raise funds to benefit fellow alumni fighting cancer. Funds may be used for groceries, utilities, mortgage payments, rent, a vehicle, medications, etc. The bottom line is, cancer overwhelms, and stress is a cancer patients’ worst enemy. We understand how difficult a battle it is.

Who can apply?

Any graduate of Milton Hershey School, their spouse or their minor child living at home, who has been diagnosed with cancer or a cancer related illness and demonstrates a financial need, is eligible for Cancer Care Funds.

The maximum amount a recipient may receive in any one year is $2000, 00. The recipient’s year shall be based on the anniversary date of an approved application for funds.

Funds may not be issued posthumously.

Submit your Application

You may email your application for Cancer Care to [email protected]

or mail to:

MHSAA Cancer Care
109 McCorkel Road
Hershey, PA 17033

Once an application is approved, a request for funds is submitted to the MHSAA Treasurer or President, and a check is issued along with a letter from the committee.

2023 MHSAA Cancer Care Walk

The Cancer Care Committee was organized by members of the Milton Hershey School Alumni Association to financially assist alumni and their immediate families who are battling cancer and have some financial need related to that challenge. Since it’s inception, the committee has been able to donate approximately $146,000 to assist 116 alumni or their immediate families who have been struggling with this dreaded disease.