Considering running for the MHSAA Board?





Thank you for considering running for an elected Director position on the Milton Hershey School Alumni Association Board.  The following will provide you with general information about the MHSAA Board and your responsibilities as a Director, should you be elected. Please feel free to reach out to current or former Board members with any questions you may have. Being an elected member of the MHSAA Board is an honor that carries with it a certain amount of responsibilities. Please review the following information to better inform yourself for this exciting leadership opportunity.

  • Commit to running no later than June 1 of the year in which you wish to be a candidate and communicate that information to the MHSAA office at (717) 520-2045 or email your application to,
  • You must be a dues-paying Association member to be on the MHSAA Board.
  • Be sure that your schedule allows you to commit to the meeting schedule. You may attend meetings in person or by phone. Most  meetings take place on Sundays; however, pending student-related activities, there are occasionally Friday and Saturday meetings as well.  Meetings take place in Hershey, PA, and other places as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Be aware that you will be required to serve on one or more committees, and that a great deal of the Association work is done during those committee meetings. Committees generally meet by phone, but may on occasion be required to meet at other locations.  Board members may volunteer for committees, but are not guaranteed selection to their preferred committee.
  • Please read the MHSAA By-Laws for the complete requirements.

Milton Hershey School Alumni Association Mission Statement  

The Mission of the Milton Hershey School Alumni Association is to foster a sense of family and community among alumni, promote and enhance the relationship between Milton Hershey School and its graduates, and support the principles of Milton and Catherine’s Deed of Trust.

President's Note

The MHSAA is first and foremost a fraternal organization for more than 10,000 graduates of Milton Hershey School.  Supporting our alumni especially, those young alumni graduating in far different and more turbulent times than even our Founders could have imagined, are critical efforts of our organization. Inspiring and helping the students understand that MHS has given them a chance they might not otherwise have had, is the cornerstones of the work we do.

However, as MHS is a home first, it is critical that the Alumni Association remains engaged and supportive of the School, the Board which governs it and, most importantly, the Deed of Trust; the document which breathes life into the School’s Mission.

The important work of the association is best performed by an engaged, active, supportive and, when appropriate, inquisitive Association body. The Alumni Association’s ability to maintain a positive, professional and constructive approach in its relationship with the School, the Board of Managers, the local and state governing agencies and the community at large is essential to our overall effectiveness and ability to serve our Association.  Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have.