Milton Hershey School is 110 years old & our Association is 88. This year along with our 5 Chapters we added 4 Spartan Social Clubs. Throughout this past year we have participated in MHS facilitated Alumni Summits and supported student orientated activities (e.g., Mock Interviews). Financially we improved our strategy regarding restricted fund investment, added flexibility to our bookkeeping and financial processes. We’re online, electronic more than ever, and highly mobile. We have hired a part time bookkeeping Administrative Assistant. We have instituted new or revitalized sustaining donation programs. We have revamped and restarted the Cancer Care fundraising walk. Reorganized the office into a brick & mortar store front for Spartan Wear sales. 2 Major By-Laws Changes We streamlined the board by reorganizing our committees from 15 standing committees to just 5. Redefined the “Special member” status.