Homecoming 2014


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12-14   Homecoming

12        Hall of Fame Induction Assembly

12        Class of 1954 60-Year Reunion

13        MHS Alumni Association Annual Business Meeting

13        Cocoa Bean Game

14        Graveside Service in Tribute to Milton and Catherine Hershey

14        Memorial Grove Service

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Here are the Hotel Accommodations for the Hershey Area – make sure you mention that you are coming for MHS Alumni in case there is a discount - Click to enlarge:

motels 2014

MHSAA Supports Incoming MHS President

Press Release by MHSAA:


MHSAA Supports Incoming MHS President

Milton Hershey Alumni Association Thrilled with MHS BOM Decision
By Dick Shadel
June 6, 2014

Hershey PA – The Milton Hershey Alumni Association applauds the decision by the Milton Heshey School Board of Managers to select Pete Gurt, a graduate of the school, as its 10th President.

Pete Gurt entered Milton Hershey School at the age of 5 after the death of his father, and he remained at the school until he graduated 13 years later. He has a unique shared experience with our alumni family, and we firmly believe that his lifelong dedication to his alma mater gives him both a deep understanding of Milton Hershey’s Deed of Trust and the special needs of the school’s students.

History of MHSAA and MHS

The past 2 decades have been some of the most challenging in the school’s history, and at times MHSAA was not in support of decisions made by previous administrations. Over the past 5 years we have been working with the Board of Managers to return to a relationship of trust and honest dialog.

We believe that the Milton Hershey School Alumni Association should be a partner of our Alma Mater, and the current Board of Managers has allowed us to work towards that. Under the leadership of Bob Cavanaugh, they conducted an exhaustive nationwide search, ensuring us all the while that they had the best interest of Milton Hershey School as their focus.

The resulting decision to select Pete Gurt is one we support fully, and we are more optimistic than ever about the future of Milton Hershey School under the stewardship of Pete Gurt and the current Board of Managers.

Dick Shadel
109 McCorkle Road
Office: (717) 520-2045